ANTIGONI KAVATHA // Tapetum Lucidum //

December 10 2015 - January 9 2016

Ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou gallery presents the solo exhibition of Antigoni Kavvatha

Entitled «Tapetum Lucidum» curated by Yiannis Bolis.

According to the Art Historian Giannis Bolis: “Antigoni Kavvatha suggests paths between light, shadow and darkness, in compositions that are characterized by excellent technique. She creates monumental works with acrylics on mylar and charcoal on paper, by the juxtaposition of opposites, the relief-like character of the surface, the plasticity of the forms. The plants and trees with their chaotic lattices of branches are suspended in time and dangle at the edge of reality, imagination and dream. They vibrate in a rhythm, full of sensitivity and directness, forcing their powerful presence. Every work is part of a unified visual proposition. It is the result of systematic study and devotion, copious work and sharp observation, of a comprehensive research and evolution of concerns”.

Artist CV

Antigoni Kavvatha was born in 1955 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied painting in the School of Fine Arts in Athens and completed graduate studies in New York and Boston (MFA Boston University). She has hosted ten one-woman shows and participated in many group exhibitions. Her work can be viewed in collections throughout Europe, Asia and USA. She currently resides in Athens, Greece.