JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 15, 2014

Artist CV

Kornilios Grammenos (Greece, Patras b. 1959 / act: Athens)

Kornilios Grammenos was born on in 1959 in Patras, Greece. He studied graphic arts and photography in Athens (1977-1980) and sculpture and painting at the Kölner Werkkunstschule (1981-1988).

Kornilios Grammenos has presented the following personal exhibitions: Lutz Diese Gallery, Leverkusen (1984); Municipal Gallery of Patras (1984); Galerie 3, Athens (1985); Euskirchener Kunstverein, Euskirchen (1986); Koetshuis Gallery, Amsterdam (1986); Goethe Institute, Athens (1987); St. Andrews Anglican Church, Patras (1988); Palazzo Corvaja, Taormina, Sicily (1990); Artio Gallery, Athens (1990); Artio Gallery, Athens (1993); The Athens Gallery, Athens (1995); Thryallis Gallery, Patras (1997); Zita-Mi Gallery, Thessaloniki (1997); Spiegelhalle, Konstanz, Germany (1997); Olga Georgandea Gallery, Athens (1998); Goethe Institute of Thessaloniki (1998); Nica Gallery Inc., San Francisco, California (2000); 365 Art Project, Athens (2002); Galerie 3, Athens (2003); The Nafplion Gallery (2004); and Het Nederlands Instituut in Athene & Galerie 3, Athens (2007). He has also presented the following sculpture projects: Alieni in Scuola, Public School, Gibellina, Sicily (1990); The Seven Knights before the Apocalypse, University Campus, Patras (1994); Aliens, Athens Water and Sewage Co. walling, Dexameni Square, Athens (1995); The Sea of Lead, Marina of Patras (1996); Aliens, northwestern facade of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (1997); Aliens in Chinatown, Goethe Institute, San Francisco, California (2000); The Knight Source, entrance of the Silver & Baryte Mining Co. Building,14km. Athens-Lamia National Highway (2001); Aliens, entrance of Meletitiki S.A. premises, Amaroussion, Athens (2001); Die Ritter als Musiker, An der Wilhemshoehe 10, Dresden, Germany (2001); Superaliens, Superbowl Center, Agios Ioannis Rentis, Athens (2002); Strofilia Winery, Anavissos, Attica (2003-2004); The Seven Aliens, 10th Public School, Byronas, Athens (2006).

Kornilios Grammenos currently lives and works in Athens.

KAMBOURIDIS, HARRIS; CASORATI, CECILIA Sarmata 2007 The Netherlands Institute in Athens
GRAMMENOS, KORNELIOS Recent Paintings 2001-2003 2003 Galerie 3, Athens
DROSSOPOULOS, KATERINA; KAFOPOULOS, KATERINA; KASSIMATIS, MARILENA Kornelios Grammenos 1984-1998 1998 The Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki
DALLA CHIESA, GIOVANNA Knights 1993 The Artio Gallery, Athens
BANDINI, MIRELLA; CASORATI, CECILIA; DALLA CHIESA, GIOVANNA Kornelios Grammenos: Opere 1982-1990 1990 Il Quadrante Edizioni, Torino
STEFANIDIS, MANOS Wechselwirkungen 1987 The Goethe Institute Athens

Other Exhibitions