«ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou gallery» is pleased to present «Dimensional Bodies» an exhibition of paintings by Simos Veis.

Regina Argyraki writes about Veis work: «Major dialogues always remain open. Over and beyond the minor originalities that art often cheaply and frivolously suggests since Joseph Beuys and on, aiming at surprise, panic or resentment, it can but compulsively return to major aesthetic issues. One of them is the decision concerning the way the figure is circumscribed: the good old question, painterly or linear? And also, the one concerning the relations between volumetric depths and the figure as factor between them, which lead to specific options of models of geometry.

Whoever is to deal with such issues is to use as prerogatives the following two major starting patterns: on the one hand, the certainty of a solid drawing ability; on the other, the possibility of obtaining a potent interlocutor. In other words, the potential dialog with one of the important teachers of that or the other trend. In this case, Veis chose to engage in a dialog with Rembrandt and the issues that he has posed.  Issues such as the breaking down of the circumscribing and the substitution of Euclid data by gradual strikes of color tonalities. 

Though quite young as an artist himself, Veis didn’t refuge to a selection of shocking or surprising technical fireworks. Courageously enough he reverted to authentic optical issues, which easel drawing poses, and indeed he confronts them with the necessary ability and success. Success as he does not return to fruitless repetitions of suggestions that have already been made and dealt utterly with by his aesthetic ancestors. But because he attempts to give a new dimension to classic issues, through a post-modern perception that enables him with a selective comeback of virtually forgotten techniques (such as wax) in order to serve absolutely radical angles of observation.

 For example by posing the observer to stand under the figure, whilst in the reality he stands opposite the painting, Veis attempts a double breakthrough which is nevertheless hard to grasp at first sight, even if it stands as one of the most significant strategies the artist proposes. In this unity of his works, Veis proves that genuine optical issues never stop occupying art. And also that easel drawing can be magnificently contemporary without necessarily being consuming.»

CATALOGUE: Hard cover 24 pages full color, size each sheet 21 x 21 cm. edition of 1200, Published by M. Diamantidis SA, Thessaloniki 08, <ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou> Athens, 10/2008


Artist CV

Simos Veis (Greece, Athens b. 1974 / act: Athens) Simos Veis was born in Athens, Greece in 1974. He has studied Painting at the School of Fine Art of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under the supervision of G. Fokas. In 2004 he won the second prize in the International Symposium of Sculpture and Painting at Denizli, Turkey. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, while in December 2007 he took part into the International Contemporary Art Fair, «Contemporary Istanbul». He lives and works in Athens.