MAY 6 - MAY 24 2008

In ‘Urban Behaviours’ exhibition, Karakatsanis risks his involvement in a socio-political debate.

Vanity, carnalism and mixing of values reflect in the eyes and the bodies of the assembled people who constitute the body of his work whereas the repeated presence of the chair refers to the urban environment.


Jaume Mir, President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Mallorca, annotates:

«Behaviours are defined and formed within the time they occur as well as the cultural, political and “arbitrary” conjunctures of our developing civilization. Accepted or not, depending on the longitude and latitude they appear, the material of their clothing, the accent of the protagonists or the social codes, they never fail to reflect the individuals and define class, roles, values and missions, ethical or unethical, in our virtually “Roman” society.
Karakatsanis approaches this reality in an unadorned, straightforward and caustic manner. Vanity, carnalism and mixing of values reflect in the eyes and the bodies of the assembled people who constitute the body of his work whereas the repeated presence of the chair refers to the urban environment.
His subject matter is realization, deadlock and hypocrisy, with which, without any trace of intellectualism, he expresses his anguish using very few materials. He does not suggest a solution, yet he demonstrates a mirror in which we can all see our real self or our innermost fantasies, if we so wish.
The middle class, particularly that of the western world, has led people’s perspective towards a comfortable life, aesthetically more decent and possibly happier, even though more often than not it has been deservedly attacked by the have-nots, unfortunately, in their majority, without having political views or providing an essential counter-proposal for the social model they would like to live.
This is apparent in most of the cases that whenever the domination of “progressiveness” has prevailed over conservatism and the reversal of distinguishing people through the primary inequalities of bourgeoisie lifestyle and way of thinking, the thrill and hope that it has brought towards a society of equal and adaptable citizens, far from the clichés of urbanism, has resulted through enrichment and gaining power in the reproduction of all bourgeois “evils” in a most inelegant manner.
As if most of them were eventually dreaming of a living room with a chandelier, money and a very expensive shining car even in neighbourhoods with dirt roads as confirmation of their raison d’être.

Karakatsanis risks his involvement in a socio-political debate. However, painting and art in general has to create aesthetic parameters both from its own material and from the “thesis” of identification of its content.
Karakatsanis’s artistic integrity encourages the discussion between the viewer and the work or even better between the viewer and the viewer.
In times that values, culture and meritocracy are unconventional terms to reality, particularly within societies that are exploring their developmental pace, after the change of their standard of living, art might be one of the few areas that through “beauty” the shape of our flaws can be projected, an area in which Karakatsanis is utterly successful. »

Palma de Mallorca, 2/2008


6 pages full color, size each sheet 29 x 21 cm. edition of 1200,
Published by Costopoulos, Athens 08
<ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou> Athens, 5/2008

TextJaume Mir


Artist CV

Vassilis Karakatsanis (Greece, Athens b. 1957 / act: Greece)

Vassilis Karakatsanis was born on 17 November 1957 in Athens, Greece. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1976-1981 ) in the workshops of Dimitris Mytaras & Yiorgos Mavroidis. The Greek State Scholarship Foundation - IKY enabled him to study stage design and book art at the same school (1979-1982) in the workshops of V. Vassiliadis & G. Papadakis. He also received a scholarship by the Spanish Government to study for a Doctoral Degree in the Theory of Art at the San Jorge School of Fine Arts in Barcelona (1982-1984) in the workshops of J. Muxart & R. Vives. The European Council awarded him a scholarship to study maintenance of architectural monuments at the Centro Europeo in Venice (1985). He has received the following distinctions: 2nd prize in Textilia, International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, Greece (1980) and 2nd prize in Publicidad, Madrid,Spain (1984).

Karakatsanis has presented the following personal exhibitions:

Instituto Cultural Español, Reina Sofia, Athens, Greece (1982); Aragón 249Instituto Cultural Español, Reina Sofia, Athens (1983); 1975-1985, Municipal Gallery - Museum of Modern Greek Art , Rhodes, Greece (1985); Aragon 249Yakinthos Art Gallery, Athens (1985); CitiesGalería Joan Oliver, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (1986); BagsGalerie Artio, Athens (1986); ImprintsGalerie Trigono, Athens (1987); ImprintsEpoches Art Gallery, Athens (1987); Bags, Municipal Gallery, Corfu, Greece (1987); ImprintsLoulaki Gallery, Hydra, Greece (1988); Clothes, To Trito Mati Art Gallery, Athens, Greece (1989); HousesGalerie MeissnerKempinski Atlantic, Hamburg, Germany (1989); HousesGalerie Gisela BollhagenKunstcentrum AlteMolkereiWorpswede / Bremen, Germany (1989); Clothes, Galleria Fontanella Borghese, Rome, Italy (1990); Clothes, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Delphi, Greece (1990); ClothesGalerie Opsis, Mykonos, Greece (1990); ClothesGalerie K7, Thessaloniki, Greece (1990); Carpets, Titanium Art Gallery, Athens, (1991); Carpets, Villa Eolos, Mykonos, Greece (1991); CarpetsGalerie K7, Thessaloniki, Greece (1991); Carpets, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (1991); Flags, Vicky Dracos Contemporary Art, PDR, Athens (1992); CarpetsLoulaki Gallery, Hydra, Greece (1992); 1989-1993Galerie Desmos,Heraklio, Greece (1993); Flags, Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (1993); 1989-1993, Art Gallery HermoupolisHermoupolis, Syros, Greece (1994); Houses #2Galerie Argo, Nicosia, Cyprus (1995); PartyGalerie Argo, Nicosia, Cyprus (1996); Party, Art Gallery HermoupolisHermoupolis/Syros, Greece (1996); PartyKreonidis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (1996); PartyKreonidis Art Gallery, Athens (1996); 1992-1997, Vicky Dracos Contemporary Art, Portes, Athens (1997); Houses #2Kreonidis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (1997); Houses #2Galerie AmimoniIoannina, Greece (1997); 1995-1997Morfi Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (1997); 1991-1998Galería Berruete Regoyos, Madrid, Spain 1998); Houses #2Galerie Scorpios, Trikala, Greece (1998); PartyPantarei Art Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia (1998); SarongGalerie Argo, Nicosia, Cyprus (1998); SarongEspace Kreonidis, Athens, Greece (1998); SarongAsaya, Athens, Greece (1998); Sarong , Galerie Minima, Mykonos, Greece (1999); Vathis Square , Prisma Art Gallery, Livadia, Greece (2001); Vathis SquareChrysa Art Gallery, Katerini, Greece (2001); Vathis SquareEpoches Art Gallery, Kifissia/Athens, Greece (2001); Vathis Square #2,Galerie Argo, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002); Rosa Hybrida , Morfi Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (2002); Vathis Square #2Galerie Argo, Athens, Greece (2002); 2 SectionsGalerie Minima, Mykonos, Greece (2003); 2 SectionsCycladian PinacothequeHermoupolis/Syros, Greece (2003); On WallEpoches Art Gallery, Athens (2003); 2 SectionsSylogi 12, Spetses, Greece (2004); On WallGalerie Minima, Mykonos, Greece (2004); H²OArtSpace Gallery, Santorini, Greece (2005); Urban MaterialsAstrolavos Art Galleries, Athens, Greece (2005); Urban MaterialsGalerie Zita-Mi, Thessaloniki, Greece (2005); Urban Materials & The Unknown Land , Galerie Trigono, Athens (2006); Summer , Lucia Vassiliadis, Patmos, Greece (2006); The Unknown LandMorfi Gallery,Limassol, Cyprus (2006); The Unknown LandGalerie Christina Karella, Athens, Greece (2006); 1990-2007 , AtrionHeraklio/Crete, Greece (2007); Urban Materials & The Unknown LandGalerie Argo, Nicosia, Cyprus (2007); Urban Behaviours 07-08ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou, Athens, Greece (2008);Urban Behaviours 08-09, Morfi Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus (2009); Alcohol 09-10, ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou, Athens, Greece (2010); Alcoholl09-10, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (2011)


  Artworks by Vassilis Karakatsanis are kept in the following selected collections :

·Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes – Modern Greek Art Museum, Rhodes, Greece

·Orthodox Academy of Crete, Hania, Greece

·Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu, Corfu, Greece

·FundaciόFPPU, Montevideo, Uruguay

·Fundaciόn Joan MirόParc de Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

·Palacio de Cristal, Retiro, Madrid, Spain

·E & Cultural Department, La Vella, Andorra

·Lloyd, Hamburg, Germany

·Istituto Orientale, Rome, Italy

·BP Oil Europe, Brussels, Belgium

·Cyprus State Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

·Macedonian Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece

·B. Wetzestein Showroom, Frankfurt, Germany

·Astir of Paros Hotel, Naoussa/Paros, Greece

·Cycladian PinacothequeHermoupolis/Syros, Greece

·ColecciόGrupo Pedro Serra, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

·Vorre's Museum, Athens, Greece

·Four Seasons Hotel Beach Resort, Limassol, Cyprus

·Neka Museum, Ubud/Bali, Indonesia

·Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo "Es Baluard", Palma de Mallorca, Spain

·Colecciόn particular de S. M. los Reyes de España, Madrid, Spain

·Derek Johns LTD Collection, London, England, U.K.

·Museum  J. Chryssos, Santorini, Greece

·Metropolite of Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus

·Middle Insurance Collection, Nicosia, Cyprus

·Camper’s collection, Athens, Greece

·Sun Flower Beach Resort, Limassol, Cyprus

·Prefecture, Xanthi, Greece

·HANSA Dienstleistungs- und Vertriebs GmbH, Bremen, Germany

·Skouras Winery, Nemea, Greece

·The American College of Greece Art Collection, Athens, Greece

·Meliá Recident Giorgio Athens Hotel Collection, Athens, Greece

Vassilis Karakatsanis has also participated in the following international exhibitions & art fairs:

8th BIDA  Bienal Internacional del Deporte en las Bellas Artes , Palacios de Exposiciones de El Retiro, Madrid, Spain (1982); Premio Ciudad de Palma, LaLonja, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (1983); ItinerantFamiliares de Presos Politicos Uruguayos - FPPU, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, France (1985); XXV Premi Internacional de Dibuix, E & C Department, La Vella , Andorra (1986); XXV Premi Internacional de DibuixFundación JoanMiro, Barcelona, Spain (1986); Greek Contemporary Art, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece - EETE, Sofia, Bulgaria (1987); Pan-Hellenic Art Exhibition, Piraeus Port Authority - OLP, Piraeus, Greece (1987); Greek Contemporary Art, Soviet Artists Cultural Union, EETE, Moscow, Russia (1988); Young European Artists, BP Oil Europe, Brussels, Belgium (1998); For Martha Graham, Sotheby's, New York, U.S.A. (1990); Young European Artists, BP Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (1991); 8th International Triennale: BalkanLalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, India (1994); 7th Art Athina 99: SarongKreonidis Art Gallery, Athens Exhibition Centre, Athens, Greece ( 1999); Five Centuries of Greek Painting, Derek Johns LTD, London, England (2000); Month of Visual ArtTechnopolisGazi, Athens (2001); Cantami O DivaCastello Doria, Porto Venere, Italy (2002); Cantami O DivaTerme TamericiMontecatini Terme, Italy (2002); Cantami O Diva, Santa Croce, Fossabanda, Pisa, Italy (2002); 10th Art Athina 03: G8+?Epoches Art Gallery, Helexpo, Athens, Greece (2003); Art Gallery Walk-Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Athens, Athens (2004); Contemporary Art Fair, Diana Gallery / Epoches Art Gallery / Galerie Argo, Athens, Greece (2004);11th Art Athina 04: Netting 2&3Skendi GaleriHellenikon Airport, Athens, Greece (2004); 27th Stockholm Art Fair: The Unknown LandKonstmässanSvenskaKonstgallerietSollentuna Expo Center, Stockholm, Sweden ( 2007); 16th Europ’ART: Urban MaterialsSvenska KonstgallerietPalexpo, Geneva, Switzerland (2007); 11 th Art Innsbruck, Svenska Konstgalleriet: The Unknown Land, Fair Hall, Innsbruck, Austria (2007); 15th Art Athina 09ekfrasi-yiannagrammatopoulouFaliroBayOlympicComplex, Athens, Greece  Urban Behaviours(2009);


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