APRIL 1 - APRIL 24 2008

Hard cover 48 pages full color, size each sheet 27 x 27 cm. edition of 1200,
Published by ERGO Publications, Athens 08, sponsored by REPLAY
<ekfrasi-yianna grammatopoulou> Athens, 4/2008

Artist CV

Christos Antonaropoulos (Greece, Messinia, Filiatra b. 1958 / act: Athens)

Christos Antonaropoulos was born in 1958 at Filiatra of Messinia, Greece. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts - ASFA (1980-1985), painting with Dimitris Mytaras and Demosthenes Kokkinidis (1980-1985) and stage design with Vassilis Vassiliadis (1983-1985), and graduated with the degree of excellence. The State Scholarships Foundation - IKY enabled him to further his studies in stage design in 1985 and in painting in 1988. In1990 the American-Italian Academy of Fine Arts offered him the Honorary Distinction as Best Graduate of European Schools of Arts. In 2000 he participated in the Biennial of Sharjah, where the Greek particiapation was awarded the First Prize. Parallel to his painting activity Antonaropoulos teaches drawing, and is occasionally involved in projects of interior design.

Christos Antonaropoulos has received the following personal exhibitions: Another Version of Zoophilia, To Trito Mati, Athens (1986); Titanium Art Gallery, Athens (1990); Stavraki Gallery, Heraklion, Island of Crete (1991); Dream Place, Biz Art Galleries, Athens (1999); Palataki, Athens (1999);Atlantis According to Greeks, Titanium Art Gallery (2004); Nocturnes, Technospace Athens - Mary Alexiou (2005); Knights / Virgins / Castles, Fine Arts Kapopoulos, Athens (2006). He has also taken part in the following group exhibtions: 6th Meeting of Young Artsists, Ora Cultural Center, Athens (1980); 150 Painters of the European Union, Athens Conservatory (1982); Vorres Museum Collection, Greece, Europe, USA (1984); Five Artists, Deree College, Athens (1984), Athens School of Fine Arts, International Association of Art Critics - AICA Congress, Dephi (1984); Visual Arts, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (1985, 1986); Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art, Island of Andros (1986); Exhibition for Kalamata, National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens (1986); Panhellenic Exhibition, Athens (1987); Theodore Venetsianos Collection, Cultural Center of the Municiapality of Athens & Galeria Sponda, Rome (1988); III Mediterranean Biennial of Graphic Arts, Island of Cos (1980s); Incontri con l' Arte Contemporanea Greca - Encounters with Contemporary Greek Art, Rome (1980s); La Communita Europea dei Giornalisti - The Community of European Journalists, Rome (1980s); Libro Galleria al Ferro di Cavallo, Rome (1980s); New Acquisitions, Municipal Gallery of Athens (1980s); Musical Athens, Municipal Gallery of Athens (1987); Ikotopia, Maria Papadopoulou Gallery, Athens (1993, 1997); World Fine Art Gallery, New York (1999); Mylos, Thessaloniki (2000); Millennium, Patras (2000); People and People, Municipal Gallery of Chios Island (2001); Visual Tune: International Day of Music, Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (2003).

Christos Antonaropoulos currently lives and works in Athens.

STEFANIDIS, MANOS Another Version of Zoophilia 1986 To Trito Mati, Athens [Greek]
MARCOU, GEORGIO S. A Postmodern Dream 1990 Titanium Art Gallery , Athens [Greek & English]
VAFIA, ANNA Dream Place 1999 Biz Art Galleries , Athens [Greek & English]
CABOURIDIS, HARIS & BOURBOULIS, MICHALIS Atlantis According to Greeks 2004 Titanium Art Gallery, Athens [Greek]
CRITICOU, IRIS Knights / Virgins / Castles: The Chronicle of a Painting Act Foretold 2006 Fine Arts Kapopoulos, Athens [Greek & English]